USA: 3 trillion package in the works. dollars for economy and clean energy

The president’s financial advisers are preparing to recommend a $ 3 trillion investment in a colossal program

Citing well-informed sources, writes that the plan will be funded in part by tax increases on businesses and affluent households. 

New York Times and CNN

$ 3 trillion investment in a colossal program of measures aimed primarily at boosting the economy and reducing carbon emissions, which will include a major infrastructure project, according to the New York Times and CNN.

“After months of internal debate, Biden’s advisers are going to present to the president this week a proposal that recommends splitting his financial agenda into separate bills, rather than trying to get a giant package out of Congress,” he said. article.

In two axes

The proposal, which has been debated for weeks by the president’s advisers, will focus on two areas: one on infrastructure and “clean” energy, and the other on the main economic problems, according to CNN.

In his campaign, Biden spoke of a multiannual plan worth $ 2.3 trillion.

Democrats and Republicans have already begun negotiations in the background, but the latter are strongly opposed to any costly plan that would further inflate US debt . “I believe that the Trojan Horse will be called ‘infrastructure’. “But in this Trojan Horse, all tax increases will be hidden,” said Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican minority in the Senate.



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