Romania: Electricity bills and offers should be simplified. People are interested in the final price

Electricity bills and offers should be simplified so that the consumer is informed in a real and clear way about the final price.

The way in which the competent authorities managed the transition from the regulated market to the competitive one generated confusion among the consumer, said Dumitru Chisăliţă, the president of the Intelligent Energy Association

The president of the Intelligent Energy Association says that we cannot discuss, at this moment, the fact that the transition from the regulated market to the competitive one is an ideal one, there are still many problems.

Dumitru Chisăliţă points out: 

This is costly, all those information clips cost money out of the pockets of consumers and they prove ineffective.

In his opinion they must be changed. In the sense that it is not the case that the authorities and suppliers send so many papers to the population or post countless videos in the conditions in which people do not even read or watch them in full, because the process is very difficult to describe.   “Here things should be radically changed so as not to make the consumer pay for these videos in vain. We should simplify invoices and offers. The bills at the moment are particularly complex, complicated and cumbersome. At the consumer level, the final price matters and if someone wants more information, there are enough channels to get information. So we could reduce the invoice to half a page with simple elements such as quantity, price, place of consumption and final price, all other elements not being important and can be communicated differently.

Another important element is related to the learning process. At the moment, the consumer’s technical culture regarding the energy market is limited. A consumer education process should be carried out. For three months, each provider has been coming up with its own method of education, which deepens consumer confusion.   The Intelligent Energy Association launched in January the idea of ​​a consumer academy that would bring together all market participants and an entity dedicated to the education process independently. This proposal, says Chisăliţă, did not find support, except for one supplier.


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