NC Grid Connection Course

1 day

Participants at this course would need to have at least the basic understanding of the Regulation No 1775 from 2005, Regulation No 1099 from 2008, Regulation No 713 from 2009 (Establishing an Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators) and Regulation No 714 from 2009 (Conditions for Access to the Network for Cross-Border Exchanges in Electricity). 

Level - Advanced

Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/631 of 14 April 2016 establishing a network code on requirements for grid connection of generators

Course Start November 25

Participants are required to register at least 15 days before starting the Network code on requirements for grid connection of generators Online Course.

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This course will reveal in detail the purpose of the Network Code, rules for grid connection for power-generating modules, legal framework for grid connections and the conditions of a fair competition in the internal electricity market.


The significance of power-generating modules should be based on their size and their effect on the overall system. Synchronous machines should be classed on the machine size and include all the components of a generating facility that normally run indivisibly, such as separate alternators driven by the separate gas and steam turbines of a single combined-cycle gas turbine installation. For a facility including several such combined-cycle gas turbine installations, each should be assessed on its size, and not on the whole capacity of the facility. Non-synchronously connected power-generating units, where they are collected together to form an economic unit and where they have a single connection point should be assessed on their aggregated capacity.


for the NC Grid Connection Course

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The Network code on requirements for grid connection of generators course is an intensive one and is held for 1 day.

The main focus on this course will be from a legal perspective and about the requirements for grid connection of power-generating facilities, namely synchronous power-generating modules, power park modules and offshore power park modules, to the interconnected system. At this course we will debate even the obligations for ensuring that system operators make appropriate use of the power generating facilities’ capabilities in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner to provide a level playing field throughout the European Union, NRA’s and ACER role.

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