Green energy with encroachments

Modern societies and people who realize the need to protect the planet from pollution, welcome the mild forms of energy production and business initiatives that are being developed in this direction.

Mr. Giannis Panagos, said: 

In the last decade and in our country, this field of business action has attracted the interest of many people, coming from very different starting points. Farmers, retirees, all kinds of small investors but also big capitalists were interested from the beginning in the new El Dorado of green energy.

The peasant society was awakened rather artificially, mainly through the brave offer of the state (GAP government) for the so-called agricultural photovoltaics at that time. Today, ten years later, one wonders if the offer at the time was the cheese that would make farmers look favorably on the Renewable Energy case.

Because, since then, the game has passed into other hands – with most farmers living the dream. Why, no, this supply cycle did not last but the door to green energy production by farmers and local communities was closed for good. Even the few energy communities that seem to survive, if they survive, are the ones that caught up.

On the contrary, what is happening majestically at this time is the “seizure” by the farmers of a living space in which they have been active for centuries. The reason for the gradual displacement of farmers from public or even disputed ownership of agricultural and grassland areas, for the sake of big investors who decided to “green” the country with photovoltaic parks and wind farms.

Obviously, these investments are also welcome. They should only be done on the basis of an organized plan, in predetermined zones, valuing the land and compensating those who lose it. No Arbitrariness and encroachment.


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