EPP does not only want to use green hydrogen

EPP does not only want to use green hydrogen and demands technology neutrality

The EU Parliament calls for more efforts to build a European hydrogen economy. The plans met with approval in the Commission.

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The European Parliament demands more ambition from the EU Commission in its hydrogen strategy, also in order to achieve the agreed climate targets . “With hydrogen, we in Europe still have the chance to work and benefit along the entire value chain. We must now secure this advantage through a positive regulatory, financial and broad technological framework, because the competition never sleeps, ”said MEP Hildegard Bentele (CDU) the Handelsblatt.

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From the point of view of the EPP, the largest group in the European Parliament, hydrogen is a future technology with huge potential that is crucial for achieving our ambitious climate protection goals. “In order to reduce CO2 in energy-intensive industries such as steel, chemicals or cement, we need hydrogen as a substitute for the fossil fuels that have been needed up to now,” said the co-chair of the CDU / CSU group in the European Parliament, Angela Niebler.

The parliamentarians demand not only to rely on green hydrogen from renewable energies. Instead, low-carbon hydrogen should also be used as a bridging measure. “The market should decide which hydrogen technology will prevail. We cannot dictate which technologies are necessary to companies. We advocate technology neutrality, ” said Niebler.

The MEPs are also calling for specific timetables, according to which hydrogen can be implemented as the technology of the future as soon as possible. “We need a timetable for how we will come to a hydrogen economy,” demanded Niebler. The Commission estimates that by 2050 investments of up to 470 billion euros will be necessary for renewable hydrogen alone.


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