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Energy REMIT Forum 2021

The REMIT Forum 2021 is intended to have a different approach on the monitoring of the European energy markets and comes with innovative solutions that help companies to handle the increasing amount of data and take advantage on the analysis of the energy data.

We encourage participants to exchange ideas on reporting data and on the best practices.

REMIT Forum 2021 goal is to promote interactions between European Commissioners, the ACER Agency, National Regulatory Authorities, Energy Maket Participants and Stakeholders.

Why Attend

The Energy REMIT Forum 2021 gathers leaders from energy companies, energy market analysts, Regulatory Agencies, international organizations and the private sector, in an aim to have a complete image on the energy market manipulation, market abuse and on monitoring the energy data.

Alongside international speakers and decision makers, you will meet policy-makers, TSOs, suppliers, IT companies and clients to gain insight on:


  • The European Commission goals in monitoring the European energy market;
  • ACER Agency objectives, roles and purpose in the process of data collected under REMIT;
  • Collection data system and the analysis process;
  • Market manipulation and market abuse cases;
  • Debates on Cases on energy market manipulation in Europe.

REMIT Forum Opportunities include:

Energy REMIT Forum 2021

Energy Debates

As politics still continues to have a major impact on the energy markets, the European institutions and the European companies faces new challenges and more actions are required to achieve the main goal of a well functional European energy market.

We encourage and invite all stakeholders to join us in our debate, to understand the context of the REMIT and the expectations of the ACER Agency and the European Commission.

Energy REMIT Forum 2021

Knowledge Sharing

As delegate to the REMIT Forum 2021, you’ll be able to share knowledge on REMIT concerns, ask further questions to the energy experts and make valuable contacts during networking breaks.

These offer you a great opportunity to connect with the other delegates and speakers whilst you will receive valuable informations. 

Energy REMIT Forum 2021

Technical Information

Find out about the latest technical solutions, automation operations and processes directly from the IT experts. The energy industry is facing its biggest change in decades.

The only way to succeed in this new environment is to adopt new digital solutions that enable automation of operations and processes, to minimize the costs and the risk of manual errors, take advantage of data analytics and to adapt to the European energy market needs.

Registration Info

EEU EUROPA works closely with energy companies, external partners and the global energy network comprising experts to analyses the most important challenges for the European energy industry and develop practical solution-based approaches for an ever-increasingly dynamic and complex environment.

Energy Data Monitoring

We connect energy companies to innovation


We EEU EUROPA are aware that it is important to ensure that consumers and other market participants must have confidence in the integrity of electricity and gas markets, that prices set on wholesale energy markets will reflect a fair and competitive interplay between supply and demand, and that no profits can be drawn from market abuse and therefore we invite to participate at REMIT Forum 2021.

REMIT Legal base

Based on Commission implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014 of 17 December 2014, on data reporting implementing Article 8(2) and Article 8(6) of Regulation (EU) No 1227/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency, starting from 07 April 2016 market participants needs to comply with new reporting obligations.


REMIT Forum 2021 is an opportunity to interact with representatives from top energy companies, representatives from National Authorities and ACER Agency. European Commission staff is also invited to join us. Whether you seek answers, exchange of information or to gain more experience at REMIT Forum 2021 you may find it.

If you require more information you need to email us at info[@] or at andrei.nita[@]

Authorities, ACER Agency, speakers and delegates are successfully shaping policy, business strategy and investment across the energy industry. The Forum provides several opportunities for those leading the energy transformation to participate.

Online Registration

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Participation Fee



for the REMIT Forum 2021


EEU EUROPA open a public consultation for the REMIT Forum 2021 Agenda. Stakeholders are invited to propose subject of interest to be discussed in REMIT Forum 2021. Call for papers will be also open until the end of May. Interested parties may contact Mr. Andrei Nita via e-mail andrei.nita[@]

Draft document

After finalizing the consultation fase a draft document will be issued.

Final document

Here you will find the final Agenda. Our intention is to publish the final document by the end of July.

Participation Fee

for the REMIT Forum 2021


1 Ticket     $325.00

3 Ticket     $300.00 each

5 Ticket     $275.00 each

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Knowledge sharing in the energy monitoring data

REMIT and the sanction Decisions

Solutions and technical insight information

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Bringing together all key stakeholders from the energy industry, including gas and electricity suppliers, TSOs, regulators, government members, commercial executives and industry consultants, the REMIT Forum 2021 will provide you with a single platform to meet experts, partners and potential customers.

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