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September 10, 2021


EEU EUROPA Association



The REMIT Forum 2021 is intended to have a different approach on the monitoring of the European energy markets and comes with innovative solutions that help companies to handle the increasing amount of data and take advantage on the analysis of the energy data.

We encourage participants to exchange ideas on reporting data and on the best practices.


Norway: The government doubles its hydrogen investment

The government doubles its hydrogen investment: Promises 100 new million Source: | Minister of Petroleum and Energy Tina Bru (H) and Minister of Climate and Environment Sveinung Rotevatn (V) The EU has launched a huge investment in hydrogen. Germany, France and...

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Octopus Energy takes control of group renewables unit

Octopus Energy Group announces the acquisition of Octopus Renewables, the green generation experts Source: Octopus Energy Group is to acquire group company Octopus Renewables adding over £3bn of generation capacity from the latter into its green energy...

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Uncover the Whole Story ON REMIT Regional Workshop

REMIT Regional Workshop is intended for energy companies and NRAs at a regional level. We have set-up 4 working groups and the registration is open even for Stakeholders. The main purpose of regional Workshops is to analyze in a specific group the REMIT, his Implementing Act, ACER Guidances and technical documents. Security of data reporting and ARIS collection system will be analyzed as also.

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EPP does not only want to use green hydrogen

EPP does not only want to use green hydrogen and demands technology neutrality"The EU Parliament calls for more efforts to build a European hydrogen economy. The plans met with approval in the Commission."The European Parliament demands more ambition from the EU...

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Nova tidal energy powers Shetland vehicles

Tidal powered cars driving Scotland to net zero"GLOBAL leaders in tidal energy Nova Innovation have announced that vehicles in Shetland are now fuelled by the power of the sea."The marine energy experts have created the first ever electric vehicle (EV) charge point...

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Our close relationships with 39+ Governments worldwide and European Gas & Electricity Companies, as well as an extensive network of commercial stakeholders, make us the trusted partner for your career. 

EEU EUROPA, has supported many gas & electricity businesses in their drive for operational-improvement and increasing efficiency. Our training courses focuses on helping the energy industry step up the pace of change in a low energy price economy and emerge leaner, better equipped and with more efficient cost base to ensure a positive and sustainable future.

European Energy Courses and Qualifications

We offer you the possibility to understand and to keep up with the modifications in the European energy laws, mechanisms and markets.

Energy Market Manipulation

Energy Market Manipulation

 REMIT has a wide scope of application and the European energy market entered in a new phase of its evolution. The goal of the European Union is to have fair prices on energy markets, and the results of this goal are expected by every citizen of European Union, taking into account that we have REMIT Regulation in force and that the ACER Agency is responsible for monitoring and collecting the data from the wholesale energy markets.

Network code grid connection

NC Grid Connection

The main focus on this course will be from a legal perspective on the requirements for grid connection of power-generating facilities, namely synchronous power-generating modules, power park modules and offshore power park modules, to the interconnected system. We will debate the obligations for ensuring that system operators make appropriate use of the power generating facilities’ capabilities in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner.

capacity allocation mechanism course

Intensive CAM-NC

This course will reveal in detail the mechanisms on capacity allocation in gas transmission systems for the existing infrastructures and for the new ones, capacity calculation and maximisation, obligations and main responsibilities for transmission system operators (TSO’s) and for the national regulatory authorities (NRA’S). Objectives of CAM-NC Regulation should be achieved through the most cost-effective measures and in such a way that gas markets are not distorted.

Energy Courses

The European energy markets are changing continuously. European Union and the European Commission are continuously improving the European energy market releasing new laws and creating new rules. With new rules in place, new obligations come for companies and individuals, which sometimes can be difficult to understand.

It is well known that the oil and gas European energy laws has an enormous impact on all aspects of daily life. European energy laws, now more than ever, are more complex and those who are not keeping up with the new changes will leave behind them a gap, making them vulnerable.

EEU Academy offer you the possibility to understand and to keep up with the modifications in the European energy laws.

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